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The East Timor - Timor Leste website is a commercial Business Register for gaining information about accommodation and businesses in East Timor.

It has the biggest list of directly accessible Dili Accommodation.

There are many fine places of accommodation in Dili and other areas of East Timor - Timor Leste. However, the list includes from humble to luxury.

The East Timor - Timor Leste Business Register website will be the hub of all business information in East Timor, Dili and surrounding areas.

Car Rental in Timor Leste is unlike car rental anywhere else in the world. A lot of people assume that Enterprise car rental Timor Leste and National car rental Timor Leste exists but the Timor Car hire community is a lot more localised and provide an excellent service that represents what the people of Timor are about. Companies such as EDS Car Hire and Esilva Car Rental show how strong and advanced the Timor Car hire community is.If you are planning on traveling outside of Dili and into Timor's beautiful country side it is worth investing the extra bit for a 4X4 for not only a more comfortable journey but also for their ability to drive through the toughest terrains.See our list of National Car Rental Companies in Timor Leste.